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Illinois Assessment of Readiness

ILLINOIS ASSESSMENT OF READINESS PARENT REMINDER: Danville District #118 will be administering the 2021 Illinois Assessment of Readiness to fourth through ninth-grade students during the extended Fall 2021 testing window. Most buildings are beginning September 7, 2021, and all testing will be completed by September 30, 2021. Building schedules will vary. Due to COVID, the Illinois State Board of Education extended the 2021 testing window to include August 30-October 8, 2021. The IAR will assess your students’ progress in meeting the Illinois Learning Standards in English language arts and mathematics. The test will be administered electronically. You are especially important to the success of your student. You can help by giving positive guidance before the assessment and by boosting your child’s confidence by encouraging them to put forth their best effort. If you have any questions regarding the exam or testing day, please contact Mrs. Kelly Truex, 217-444-1062, Mrs. Brandie Kuchefski, 217-444-1065, or your building principal.