Vermilion County Golden Ruler Award Recipients of 2022

Posted by Dr. Alicia Geddis, Superintendent on 4/6/2022

Congratulations to all Golden Ruler Award Winners!!!

Amy Boyer – Social Worker at Liberty Elementary School

Carrie High – Nurse at Southwest Elementary School

Ricky Hoskins – Coordinator at Danville High School

Beth Ingold – Volunteer at Danville High School

Brandie Kuchefski – Coordinator at Jackson Building

Lauren Lenstra – Consultant at Meade Park Elementary School

Gail Lewis – Teacher at Edison Elementary School

Denise Maxwell – Teacher Assistant at Northeast Elementary Magnet School

Rae McNeal – Teacher at Garfield Elementary School

Chelsea Mehegan – Social Worker at Mark Denman Elementary School

Danielle Montgomery – Nurse at Danville High School

Kalyssa West – Teacher at South View Upper Elementary School