• Attendance

    Meade Park Elementary School


    If you need a ride to school, call Mrs. Johnson at 217-444-1960


    (In compliance with Ownership in Education Handbook)

    To excuse your child from school:


    • Call 444-1925
    • Call within 48 hours of absence or a child will be unexcused.
    • Give a valid reason for absences and tardies.


    First unexcused absence: Parents will be notified.

    Further unexcused absences--child will be issued up to a 30
    minute detention to serve. Students will receive a zero for missed work. Third, and subsequent unexcused absences could result in a possible DPPC if the problem continues.

    Repeated offenses may also lead to a referral to the truancy officer and States Attorney’s office.

    After six (6) total absences (either excused, OR unexcused), the child will need a doctor’s note in order to be excused.

    All doctor’s and court verification should be turned in to the office upon return.