Dear Meade Park Parents/Guardians,

    Schools are successful when they help children grow academically, socially, and emotionally. For this to happen, it is imperative Meade Park has a safe environment that is supportive and conducive for growth. By setting forth clear social and behavioral expectations and directly teaching students about those expectations, it is our goal to create a positive atmosphere for optimal learning. Our plan is based on PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. Our staff kicked off this year's program on August 16th and we will continue reintroducing and reinforcing the system to all Meade Park Mustangs throughout the school year.

    The PBIS System has 4 components:
    A matrix of behavioral expectations
    Lesson plans to teach students behavioral expectations. An acknowledgement/reinforcement system
    Correcting Behavior

    At Meade Park School we have three school-wide behavioral expectations: Be Safe
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible

    Teaching Appropriate Behavior
    Through PBIS, students are taught school-wide expectations and have opportunities to practice them. Staff members teach what behaviors are expected in the hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms, playgrounds, classrooms, buses, library, and coat halls.

    Acknowledgement/Reinforcement System
    Another component of PBIS is the use of consistent positive rewards to celebrate students' success. Students who are "caught" following the behavioral expectations are reinforced with Mustang Money. These "dollars" will then be used to attend celebrations and earn extra tiers at each celebration. Mustang dollars will also be used to earn special incentives throughout the month.

    Meade Park Celebrations will be attended by all students as long as the building meets specific goals for the month/quarter.

    Correcting Behavior
    While our PBIS approach emphasizes appropriate behaviors, some students may still violate school rules. In these situations, stu- dents will be asked to review their behavior with a "Think Sheet" or see a buddy teacher which will allow students time to reflect on their behavior. Our goal is to teach children alternate behaviors to ensure a school environment that is safe, fun, free from distraction, and helps all children reach their maximum learning potential.

    We are looking forward to a fantastic school year and thank you for your support!

    The Meade Park Team