To ensure that all District 118 students reach their fullest potential.




    Eliza Brooks, Principal

    Robin Fluno, Associate Principal

    Dr. Alicia Geddis, Superintendent

    Dr. Elizabeth Yacobi, Associate Superintendent

    General School Information 

    This handbook is a summary of the school’s rules and expectations, and is not a comprehensive statement of school procedures.  The policies and procedures contained in this handbook have been approved by the Board of Education and are subject to change as situations arise. The administration reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies set forth in this handbook as deemed necessary by situations that may arise.  The Board’s comprehensive policy manual is available for public inspection through the District’s website (www.danville118.org) or at the School Board office, located at:

    Danville District #118

    516 North Jackson St

    Danville IL 61832

    The School Board governs the school district, and is elected by the community.  Current School Board Members are:

    Mr. William J. Dobbles, President

    Dr. Randal P. Ashton, DDS, Vice President

    Mrs. Gladys Davis

    Mrs. Darlene Halloran

    Mr. Lon Henderson

             Pastor Thomas Miller

    Mrs. Sharon Schroeder

    Lakesha Robison, Secretary

    The School Board has hired the following administrative staff to operate the school:

    Dr. Alicia Geddis, Superintendent

    Dr. Elizabeth Yacobi, Associate Superintendent

    Eliza Brooks, North Ridge Principal

    Robin Fluno, North Ridge Associate Principal

    Stacie Sollars, Assistant Principal

    Welcome to North Ridge Middle School

    We would like to welcome all students and families to North Ridge Middle School. The policies and procedures of North Ridge Middle School are contained in this handbook.  Students and parents are encouraged to read the handbook carefully and keep it in a convenient location so that you may use it as a reference as needed.


  • Accidents

  • Address/Phone Number Changes

  • Agendas

  • Animals on School Property

  • Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Attendance/Absenteeism and Truancy

  • Behavior/Discipline

  • Bicycles

  • Birth Certificates

  • Bullying

  • Bus Conduct

  • Bus Procedures/Safety Procedures

  • Cellular Devices

  • Custody Arrangements

  • Directory Information

  • This handbook is only a summary of District #118 Board Policy.  Policies may be amended at any time during the year without notice. District #118 Board Policies are available online at www.danville118.org Communication of policies has been made to all persons expected to comply with them.