• Forms

    Request for Self-Administration of Asthma Medication and Request for Self-Administration of Allergy Medication (Epinephrine Auto-Injector) and Asthma Health Care Plan
    Physician Food Substitution Form - Physician Statement for Meal Accommodations
    Request for Administration of Medication and Administration of Medication Procedure

    Problem Solving Team Process (PSTP)

    The Problem Solving Team Process is operational in each building. The team takes the lead in collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data which guides academic and behavioral decision making. Teams meet on a regular basis to disaggregate data. Decisions are made about the school, grade levels, classrooms, groups of students and individual students. Parents will be invited to attend an Individual Problem Solving Meeting if their student is being discussed individually.

    Parents Procedural Safeguards

    Parents Procedural Safeguards include a full explanation of all the rights available to parents when special education procedures are begun. These rights are given to parents upon Initial Referral, along with each Notification of Conference, with each request for Reevaluation and upon receipt of a request for due process.

    Procedural Safeguards (pdf file) - English
    Procedural Safeguards (pdf file) - Spanish
    Least Restrictive Environment Policy (pdf file) - English
    Least Restrictive Environment Policy (pdf file) - Spanish

    Restraint, Timeout, and Isolated Timeout Reduction Plan

    Referral Process

    When an Initial Referral is made, the Team will determine if the referral is appropriate, decide what actions need to be taken and initiate the procedures.

    Domain Meetings

    At this meeting, the Team reviews any existing information about the student, determines any additional data needed and the sources of that data. The domains considered include: health, vision, hearing, social/emotional status, general intelligence, academic performance, communication status and motor abilities.

    Eligibility Determination

    At this meeting, the team interprets the evaluation data to determine if the student meets the criteria and is eligible for special education and related services.

    Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

    An IEP is a management tool that is developed to ensure that the student is provided services that are appropriate to his/her special needs. An IEP includes present levels of performance, annual goals and objectives, special education and related services, educational settings, initiation date and duration and modifications needed in the regular classroom and on testing.

    Placement Determination

    Determination of placement is made by the IEP Team and needs to provide the least restrictive environment for the student and to the maximum extent appropriate, permit the student to participate with children who are non disabled.