College Express

  • College Express Mission

    College Express' mission is to encourage high school completion, increase postsecondary degree attainment, and provide a skilled workforce. 

    Dual Enrollment Program

    What is Dual Enrollment?   Dual Enrollment means that a student is taking a class that will earn high school and college credit concurrently. Credit for the course(s) is placed on the student’s high school transcript. Credit is also placed on an official DACC transcript. The DHS dual enrollment courses and their DACC equivalent courses are listed in the table below:

    College Track:

    DHS Course

    DACC Course

    AP Biology

    Biology 100 (Non Science Majors) OR Biology 131 (Science Majors) This will be a student’s choice

    4 credit hours

    Chemistry and AP Physics

    Physical Science 141 (NonScience Majors)

    4 credit hours

    AP Calculus BC

    Math 120

    5 credit hours

    Rhetoric 101


    3 credit hours

    Rhetoric 102


    3 credit hours

    Literature 121

    English/Writers Prior to 1800 LITR121

    3 credit hours

    Literature 122

    English/Writers 1800 to Present LITR122

    3 credit hours


    Career Track:

    DHS Course

    DACC Course

    Accounting 3-4

    CACC 101

    CACC 105


    CAD 1-2

    DRAF 166 (Intro to Auto CAD)

    3 credit hours


    DRAF 266 Advanced CAD

    3 credit hours

    Intro to Engineering Design (IED)

    DRAF 161 Engineering Graphics

    3 credit hours


    Many DHS students attend DACC during the school day for College Express, which are dual enrollment classes. Classes available through College Express: Welding, Criminal Justice, Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Health Occupations, Computer Networking, Early Childhood, Electronics, Graphic Design, Culinary Arts, Logistics/Distribution, and Industrial Technology.

    College Express classes are Dual Enrollment classes, but most credits are non-transfer credits.

    Students may not take dual enrollment courses pass/fail.

    Students must take semester exams to receive dual enrollment credit.

    In order to be eligible, students must pass the appropriate DACC placement tests.

    If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher in the above courses.