• Teacher - Teaching Assistant - Learning Resource Clerk
    Secretary - Nurse - Food Service -Custodial 

    There are many opportunities for substituting in Danville District 118. Substitute teachers and teaching assistants must hold a valid Illinois licensed through the Illinois State Board of Education. The license must be registered through the local Regional Office of Education#54.

    A nurse substitute must hold a valid Illinois Registered Nurse license.

    For licensing information: Contact Debi Lock at 217-444-1050

    Current Substitute Pay Schedule:


     Daily Rate

     Working 30+ Days

     On Rate





    Teacher (retired 118)




     Teaching Assistant
















    Food Service

    hourly rate




    hourly rate



    Food Service substitute position inquiries: contact Shannan Krauel at 217-444-1071 for more information.

    Building and Grounds substitute position inquiries: contact Nancy Brown at 217-444-1020 for more information.

    Teacher, teaching assistant, secretary/LRC, or nurse substitute positions: contact Debi Lock at (217) 444-1050 for more information.

    To apply for any of the above-mentioned substitute vacancies, please CLICK HERE.  If you need assistance with the online application, contact Debi Lock at 217-444-1050.

    Section 10-21.9 of the Illinois School Code requires all applicants for employment with a school district to authorize an investigation to determine if the applicant has been convicted of certain enumerated offenses. This requirement also applies to all new employees of persons or firms holding contracts with the school district, including but not limited to, food service workers, school bus drivers and other transportation employees, who have direct, daily contact with pupils of the school district. Pursuant to Section 10-21.9, upon receipt of the authorization, the school district shall submit the information to the Illinois Department of State Police "on forms prescribed by the Department" to conduct an investigation to ascertain if the applicant has been convicted of any of the offenses enumerated in Section 10-21.9(c). No school board shall knowingly employ a person who has been convicted of any of these offenses.

    All new District 118 employees must authorize the required criminal background investigation to be conducted by the Department of State Police.

    Danville School District 118 is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Training for Substitutes 

    Click Here for District 118 Substitute Training Materials