Absence Reporting

  • All absence requests including leaves of absence and business travel will be done through Aesop for all staff other than custodians and food service employees. If you are requesting a leave of absence or an absence for business travel, please fill out the appropriate forms and attach them to your absence request in AESOP.

    All other absences are to be entered directly into the AESOP system. You will not need to fill out any paperwork.

    Once you have submitted an absence request that requires an approval, you can track your status in AESOP. It will show your status as unapproved until the proper administrators have given their approval. The status will then change to approved. The absence will not be posted for substitutes until it has been approved. Please have your request in at least 12 days in advance.   To report an absence, please select one of the following procedures:  

    Personal Illness / Other Absences

    • Report your absence using AESOP: http://www.aesoponline.com
    • If you do not have computer access, call AESOP to report your absence: 1-800-942-3767

    Busines Travel Requests

    • Choose the appropriate Travel Request form: (Microsoft Excel documents)

    District - Blue

    Grants - Yellow

    Special Education - White

    • Fill out the Travel Request form as thoroughly as possible.
    • Save your completed Travel Request form to your computer in an easily accessible location, i.e. Desktop, My Documents. You will need to refer back to this file, as well as keeping a copy for your records.
    • Report your Travel Request using AESOP: http://www.aesoponline.com
    • Select the Business Leave option in the drop-down menu and select Save.
    • After you have reported your travel request and saved your absence, select the Upload New option in the Attachments box on the right-hand side of your Modify Absence screen.
    • Browse for your Travel Request form that you completed and saved in step 3. Select the Upload button. If it uploaded correctly, you will be prompted to select continue.

    Personal Leave

    • Report your absence using AESOP: http://www.aesoponline.com
    • Select the Personal Leave option in the drop-down menu and select Save.
    • After you have reported your personal leave request, and saved your absence, the absence request will be sent to your supervisors/administrators for approval.

    Leave of Absence

    • To apply for a leave of absence, complete the appropriate form and submit to Human Resources.

    Leave Request Form

    • The appropriate Doctor's Certification is to be submitted for Sick Leave, Child Birth/Recovery Leave, and FMLA within 15 days of the first day's absence.

     Employee's Health Certification

     Family Member's Health Certification

    • Return to Work Capacities Form is to be completed by a physician for employee to be able to return to work after employee's injury or illness. *Please note: Return to Work Capacities Form must be submitted to the HR Director for approval prior to the employee returning to work.